We've seen a few games that use stop-motion animation, but Harold Halibut might be the most impressive to date. Officially heading to PS5 early next year, everything in this sci-fi narrative adventure was physically made by hand and then 3D scanned to bring it into the digital realm, resulting in a stunning look.

Apparently, developer Slow Bros. has been working on this for more than a decade, which we can understand given the amount of detail on show in this new trailer. The game takes place on a ship called Fedora I, a city-sized vessel that fled Earth in pursuit of a habitable alternative, only to crash land in an alien ocean. Most people aboard the ship have resigned to this new existence, but Harold (who you play as) and his scientist boss are searching for a way to get the Fedora flying again. It's an interesting premise, and we're sure there will be some twists and turns in the story.

The game itself looks to be like a classic adventure game interlaced with the narrative. The official website calls Harold Halibut "a cross between game and stop motion film". It'll be interesting to see just how interactive the world is, but it at least looks very tactile and detailed.

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