If you ever thought the one thing missing from classic tile-matching puzzle games was an injection of that special FromSoftware secret sauce, then the narrative-rich roguelike Loot River might be for you. Billed as "Dark Souls meets Tetris", it launched on PC in 2022 and is out today on PS5 and PS4, bringing a whole raft of updates and performance upgrades, as well as a level editor.

In Loot River, players can shift the ground beneath them, sliding around on broken landscape pieces. When properly slotted together, this mechanic solves spatial puzzles and progresses through the environment. These blocks can also be used to control the battlefield, letting skilled players manipulate and outmanoeuvre enemies. Venture through endless procedurally generated catacombs, encountering enigmatic NPCs, terrifying monsters, and epic boss encounters.

What do you think of Loot River? Have we reached peak Souls saturation, or is this melding of genres a breath of fresh air in these trying times? Let us know in the comments section below.

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