Guilty Gear Strive DLC The Game Awards

The next DLC character for Guilty Gear Strive will be announced during The Game Awards 2023 this week. The confirmation comes from developer Arc System Works itself, but there are no concrete hints to go off with regards to who the latest addition could be. Many fans are still waiting on returning fighters like Slayer, Dizzy, or Venom, but Strive has been rather unpredictable with its DLC up until this point.

Honestly, though, it's just crazy to think that Guilty Gear is going to be part of something like The Game Awards. The series has been around since the 90s, and for most of its life, it's been considered very hardcore and very niche. But Guilty Gear Strive really has put the franchise on the map, as evidenced by the fact it's got a slot at Geoff Keighley's big show.

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Who are you hoping to see? Wonder who Geoff mains in the comments section below.