There’s very little movement in the NieR franchise, but Square Enix continues to license blindfolded character 2B to, well, everyone. Fulfilling her role as a compulsory crossover character for the umpteenth time, Cygames has revealed she’ll be added to anime fighter Granblue Fantasy Versus: Rising in February.

For those who play the game, she’ll be preceded by Lucilius in January, while Vane and Beatrix will follow in April and May respectively. Two currently unannounced characters will also be added in August and October. Each fighter will come with a premium lobby avatar character, and there are other updates on the way, including new stages, minigames, and costumes.

We liked the PS5 and PS4 revamp a lot in our review: “Rising is the game that the original Granblue Fantasy Versus should have been, and while it's a bit cheeky that players are being asked to pay for it all over again – with yet more DLC characters incoming – it's hard to argue with the overall package. This is a gorgeous fighter that feels great to play.” It got an impressive 8/10!