Fortnite Fans Can't Believe There's No Winterfest Cabin on PS5, PS4 This Xmas 1

Fortnite is at peak popularity right now, following an outrageously successful OG season, and the launch of various new games, including LEGO Fortnite and Rocket Racing. With the holidays upon us, many had been looking forward to Epic Games’ annual WinterFest, where historically it’s introduced a cosy cabin for players to hang out in and unwrap presents.

But while you will find Crackshot’s Cabin as a place of interest in the Chapter 5 Season 1 map, you won’t be shaking any gifts this year. You will be able to earn a new cosmetic every day, but WinterFest 2023 is located under the Quests menu, and simply will see you unlocking a new item every 24 hours. It’s pretty low effort compared to what’s been offered in the past.

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Understandably, fans are shocked by the simplicity of it all. To be fair, it does look like there’ll be two free skins made available as part of the annual holiday celebration, so there’s still plenty to look forward to. We always enjoyed the cosy cabin vibes, though, as it allowed you to pick which gifts you wanted to unwrap first, shake them about, and interact with other areas of interest.

Perhaps the developer has simply been too busy getting all these new experiences off the ground to flesh out its holiday event this year. A shame!