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After apparently being referenced in Rockstar's Grand Theft Auto 6 trailer, Lawrence Sullivan, better known as "Florida Joker", has responded, and he doesn't sound best pleased.

Rising to infamy thanks to his terrifying Joker aesthetic (specifically the Jared Leto depiction) Sullivan's repeated arrests in the state of Florida have given rise to the cognomen, and his mugshot has repeatedly gone viral. The "wannabe Batman villain", as a local news outlet referred to Sullivan, is unsurprisingly a fan of the GTA series and caught the trailer, along with Rockstar's alleged depiction.

Sullivan closes a response video posted on TikTok with "GTA, we gotta talk". The resemblance is undeniable, in our opinion, and clearly references Sullivan in some fashion, but we won't pretend to understand the ins and outs of Floridian law. IGN put together a clip of real-life events seemingly referenced, and Sullivan and GTA's similar depiction appears. Set in fictional Leonidas, GTA 6 isn't hiding the fact that the game and setting are heavily inspired by stories that come out of the American state, with plenty of appropriate Easter Eggs.

Rockstar has a long history of parodying specific people, primarily celebrities, and so we imagine the company's legal team is standing by. Famously, Lindsay Lohan attempted to sue the company for the depiction of a character she claimed was an invasion of her privacy. She subsequently lost, and the case was thrown out on appeal.

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