The first teaser trailer for Amazon Prime's TV adaptation of Fallout was revealed over the weekend, sharing the firm's vision for Vault 33, the Los Angeles wasteland and its inhabitants, and the Brotherhood of Steel. Set to debut on 12th April 2024, you can catch the first proper glimpse in the trailer above.

The woman you see leaving Vault 33 is called Lucy — one of the lead characters in the series — and she's setting off on a rescue mission in the wasteland. Footage then cuts to shots of Los Angeles well after the bombs dropped, and then the Brotherhood of Steel, with this aspect told from the perspective of Maximus. There are also sightings of The Ghoul, a dog which might be Dogmeat, and the weird creatures that make up post-apocalyptic America.

The series debuts on Amazon Prime on 12th April 2024, and is already drawing praise for what looks like a pretty faithful take on the RPGs. What are your first impressions? Share them in the comments below.