New Fallout 76 content available now is channelling the Las Vegas vibes of PS3 classic Fallout: New Vegas, with a new Expedition taking former vault dwellers to Atlantic City for some gambling and mob action. The free PS4 patch includes two new missions via a 27.3GB download as well as the new location and updates that streamline the experience for all new players. Now you're able to skip the game's opening entirely and start at level 20 with a new Perk Card loadout.

As for Atlantic City, three new factions will be on hand to greet you while the first of two Expedition missions has you teaming up with the resident gang The Family. The second introduces a guild called The Showmen, who have "a daring gauntlet with glory and riches awaiting those brave (or possibly foolish) enough to enter". The update also signals the start of season 15 in Fallout 76, which brings with it new items and progression systems.

Fallout 76: Atlantic City 2

In a collaboration with the upcoming TV series from Amazon Prime, you can also grab a free Vault 33 suit from the Atomic Shop until 12th December 2023. This is the same vault one of the lead characters (Lucy) leaves on a rescue mission out in the Los Angeles wasteland of the TV show. It's set to stream in April 2024.

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