Revealed at The Game Awards, Exoborne is a post-apocalyptic extraction shooter in which players must contend with PvP and PvE combat and the very elements themselves. Developed by Sharkmob, Exoborne will be a premium service game with a story, content updates, and ongoing live elements. There is no release date, but Exoborne is a lock for a PS5 launch.

Following the Collapse, resources are scarce, and the scraps are fought over by survivors using armoured Exo-Rig suits, which players can customise between extractions. Featuring dynamic weather that includes tornadoes, lightning strikes, and apocalyptic storms, squads must adapt their tactics on the fly, sometimes quite literally.

Forgoing RPG elements, Exoborne will use a loadout system, where coordination between teammates will allow for a more significant tactical edge, with the goal being to get out with more than you brought. What do you think of Exoborne? Exfiltrate into the comments section below.