Hello Games created a universe filled with 18 quintillion planets for No Man's Sky, but for its next game, it's focusing its attention on just one. Light No Fire is the name of the studio's next major project, and it's described as an open world multiplayer survival RPG, with an entire planet the size of Earth to explore.

The announcement trailer above features some early gameplay, in which a sprawling landscape is explored by several players together. This effectively looks like an MMO of sorts; you can travel with pals, construct buildings, ride mounts, and more in what seems to be an open world without barriers.

It's essentially the same vision for No Man's Sky, but contained into one planet. Because the size of the world is so vast, you'll be able to make true discoveries, finding locations, objects, or creatures no one else has seen before. It sounds very ambitious, but we've been here before — hopefully Hello Games can deliver a good experience on day one this time.

There are no platforms confirmed as of now, but we'd expect it to come to PS5. What do you make of Light No Fire? Tell us in the comments section below.