Frostbite Logo EA

EA's dynamic Frostbite engine is best known for its incredible environmental destructibility, which is central to its Battlefield franchise. For the last decade, this was represented by the iconic fractured hand logo on the splash screen of games that used the engine. Signalling a new shift in philosophy, EA has announced a bold new rebrand (it's still a hand), going to great lengths to explain what it means, which we will relay to you now.

In a detailed post, EA explained that the new hand "signals not just a visual shift for Frostbite, but a philosophical one, with a renewed focus on partnership with our teams and creators". The previous logos depicted the hand in a fractured, broken state (below). Moving forward, the company wants to "tell a different story - one about the collaborative relationships transforming Frostbite from within."

Because of this, it was decided that the new logo should be "constructed from consecutive, overlapping layers; our new handprint embodies how our teams build upon each other's strengths, reaching beyond what is possible when they work alone".

Frostbite Logos EA

Famously, the complexity of Frostbite made the development of Dragon Age: Inquisition a real headache for BioWare. But even concerns about some of the engine's rougher edges are addressed by this marvel of modern graphic design: "The sharp, cutting edges of previous handprints have also been smoothed out, creating more fluid shapes. This reflects our commitment to addressing Frostbite's rougher edges, creating a smoother experience for creators and players."

What do you think of the new Frostbite logo? Does it (ironically) look like a hand heatmap, or are we overthinking things? Let us know in the comments section below.