Could Marvel's Blade Come to PS5? Bethesda Declines to Comment 1
Image: Push Square

Marvel’s Blade was announced during The Game Awards earlier this week, a massive budget third-person action game set in a reimagined Paris. Development, however, is being handled by Microsoft studio Arkane Lyon – the team formerly behind titles like Dishonored and one-time PS5 console exclusive Deathloop.

But fans have noticed that despite the game being created by an acquired Microsoft subsidiary, the trillion-dollar tech titan has yet to actually claim the title as an exclusive. The debut trailer, for instance, has not been uploaded to Xbox’s YouTube channel – and the Xbox Wire only links to a post, which doesn’t mention Xbox once. In addition, there were no Xbox logos or bumpers during Geoff Keighley’s awards ceremony when the title was revealed.

So, what gives? Well, our friends at VG247 put the question to the publisher, and it declined to comment. So, could the game still come to the PS5 in the end? Well, when it acquired Bethesda, bigwig Phil Spencer did say that exclusivity would be determined on a “case-by-case” basis. We wonder if, in this case, development is still far too early for anything to be decided.

Personally, we wouldn’t expect Marvel’s Blade to ever release on a PlayStation platform; it’s possible Marvel may have mandated a multiformat release here, but that ignores the existence of the Marvel’s Spider-Man series, which has been exclusive to PS5, PS4, and PC thus far. Still, with this game unlikely to release until 2025 at the earliest, there’ll be plenty of time for Bethesda to make its position clear.