Baldur's Gate 3 PS5 PlayStation

Games as large as Larian's Leviathan Baldur's Gate 3 are made of countless interlocking parts held together by technological wizardry and prayers, which will never cease to amaze us. Even after multiple extra years of developments in Early Access, five major patches and 15 hotfixes since launching in August alone, there are still bugs to be quashed in what truly does feel like the first "next-generation RPG". One that has plagued millions of players since launch has purportedly been fixed; we are talking about Companions occasionally not properly jumping after the player character.

Anyone who has played BG3 for any time has likely experienced the slight inconvenience of having one Companion fail to follow the party over a slight incline or uneven terrain. Often a weakling Dexterity character, the offender would fail to launch themselves automatically but would be perfectly capable of bridging the gap once the player assumed direct control. This essential fix is likely to do wonders for our collective blood pressure.

Hotfix #15 is now live, bringing various other fixes for crashes and blockers. Players in Japan or those learning might be interested to know that Japanese language support is now available on PS5. A memory issue that could occur while closing containers using a controller has been nabbed, which should further improve performance. The rest is quite specific and is likely only to pertain to players deep in the grips of Baldur's Gate fever.

What Larian playfully dubbed "the Pinnochio issue" has also been addressed. As the developer describes it, it was "where "characters' noses (and cheeks) get stretched in cinematics. They also happen to lose their eyeballs, turning the sockets into pits of flesh." Astarion approves.

How has your Baldur's Gate 3 gameplay experience been lately? Are there any recurring bugs you are experiencing? Begin the Festivus season with the traditional airing of grievances in the comments section below.