Amazingly, Atomic Heart was released in February of this year, heralding the onslaught of games that was to come. If you've been itching for a reason to return to developer Mundfish's bizarre world, you might want to look at this trailer for Trapped in Limbo, DLC, due out 6th February on PS5 and PS4.

Trapped in Limbo appears to do exactly as advertised on the tin, following up the main story's events with an expanded exploration of the twisted Limbo world, filled with challenges, puzzles and obstacles to overcome. Oh, and you appear to be a giant, anthropomorphic chicken man in a vibrant storybook setting.

Having never gotten around to beating Atomic Heart, we must assume this makes sense in the context of the zany, alt-history shooter. Players will be collecting apples to unlock skills and weapons as they battle onward and gold coins to unlock skins for use in the main game if you need any further incentive.

Did you beat Atomic Heart? Are you hungry for a second helping? Spend all of eternity trapped in the comments section below.