Atlus Fans Will Want to Watch The Game Awards for an Update on PS5, PS4's Metaphor: ReFantazio 1

What can you expect from The Game Awards later this week? Well, host Geoff Keighley is keeping a lot of the announcements under cloak and dagger, but he has teased an update on Atlus’ long-in-development Metaphor: ReFantazio. This is the latest effort from the Persona team, with a release date reveal possible, considering rumours have pegged it for 2024.

First revealed eons ago, the title re-emerged this summer, although details are largely light on the ground. We’d expect a new trailer showcasing more of the story, gameplay, and systems – as well as that potential launch target. Are you looking forward to seeing more of this one? Remember, you can find out when is The Game Awards through the link.