Having won the Games for Impact category at The Game Awards last year, As Dusk Falls has been confirmed for PS5, PS4 with a release date of 7th March 2024. The current-gen port will sport all-new haptic feedback support as well as touchpad controls. A stylish, narrative-focused adventure, you can catch it in action in the trailer above.

The new features exclusive to the PS5 version will help you "feel the weight of every decision and brings a new dynamic to your story" while inputs registered on the touchpad "make this complex tale of family and sacrifice even more intuitive". Told from three different perspectives, your decisions will impact the story of a hostage situation at a motel.

CEO and creative director Caroline Marchal said: "We are leveraging the distinctive capabilities of the PS5 with Haptic Feedback to increase the weight of every decision and touchpad controls to make the gameplay even more intuitive. We can’t wait to see how new players will shape their characters’ fates in the world of As Dusk Falls in the coming year." A physical version is available to pre-order now, with delivery expected in spring 2024.

As Dusk Falls commands a Metacritic rating of 77, but our sister site Pure Xbox loved the story experience, awarding it a 9/10. "As Dusk Falls is a thoroughly gripping story from start to finish," the outlet said. Have you been wanting to play this game on PS5, PS4? Let us know in the comments below.