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"Triple-i" developer League of Geeks is one of Australia's most renowned, best known for its excellent tabletop-inspired strategy game, Armello, through which the award-winning studio found success. Today, it was announced that more than half of the studio's headcount had been made redundant, and development on Jumplight Odyssey (and subsequent plans for a PS5 port) had been delayed indefinitely.

The developer shared the sorry news on Twitter, citing "rapidly rising operation costs, a weakening AUD, poor Early Access sales, and the unprecedented withdrawal of funding opportunities across the industry" as contributing factors. The statement reveals that "more than 50% of our studio has been impacted by redundancies, " including the entire Jumplight Odyssey team, and that plans for a full release and a PS5 launch have been put on ice.

Jumplight Odyssey is a strategy game launched into Steam Early Access in August, and while it enjoys a Mostly Positive review rating, it doesn't have many of them. Worse, according to SteamDB statistics, the title never managed more than 842 concurrent players, which was back at launch. League of Geeks will continue to develop Solis Infernum, a devilish strategy game, and support Armello into the future.

As always, we hope everyone affected lands on their feet and wish them all the best in future endeavours.