Final Fantasy 16 PS5

A new Final Fantasy XVI patch will be deployed at the end of next week, but you shouldn't be hoping it includes anything even remotely substantial: it's just going to make an adjustment to the way scores are calculated in Arcade Mode. The PS5 update will be available for download on 8th December 2023, adding a new leaderboard for all your performance scores and retiring the old one.

Square Enix stops short of explaining the new methodology behind your overall score at the end of Arcade Mode, but all new scores after the patch has been downloaded will only appear on the new leaderboard. "Please note that after installing the update, you will no longer be able to record scores to the old leaderboard." Further details will be shared when the patch actually goes live, so maybe Square Enix will explain the process then.

The good news for Final Fantasy XVI fans is that the team does have substantial DLC in the works, though you'll likely have to wait a while until it releases. Two paid expansions are now planned, and we'll learn more before the year is out ā€” perhaps at The Game Awards next week?

Until then, will this new update affect you whatsoever? Have you accrued some high scores on the Final Fantasy XVI leaderboard? Let us know in the comments below.