Granblue Fantasy Relink New Gameplay

Still set to launch on the 1st February, we're quickly closing in on Granblue Fantasy: Relink. This action RPG has been floating around for years at this point, but with the release date finally on the horizon, it's time for our most in-depth look at the game yet. Various YouTube channels have posted hours of new gameplay footage, with most of them covering the opening act of the title's single-player story mode.

For starters, Arekkz Gaming's got a 41-minute chunk of gameplay for us to gawk at, featuring Gran, the male main character. It shows the general structure of Relink — at least early on — as Gran explores a tutorial area, gets into some scraps, and reunites with his allies as they all help him bring down a giant monster.

And then Havian has close to a full two hours of footage following Djeeta — the title's female main character. This video goes into even more detail, spotlighting additional adventuring, slightly later combat encounters, and a huge endgame boss battle (which you can take on with both other players and CPU stand-ins).

We've been saying this ever since Relink was revealed, but the game still looks incredibly promising. Here's hoping that it lives up to expectations, and can ultimately stand out during what is a ridiculously busy release schedule in early 2024.

How do you think Granblue Fantasy: Relink is shaping up? Are you looking forward to launch? Show us the power of teamwork in the comments section below.

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