Zenless Zone Zero Fans Are Aggrieved by Alleged Censorship in Upcoming Gacha Game 1
Image: Push Square

Zenless Zone Zero’s second beta got underway on PC and mobile this week, giving gacha gamers an exclusive early opportunity to put the character action title through its paces before it comes to consoles – including, presumably, PS5. However, while the game is generally drawing acclaim, a subset of fans are irate with the alleged censorship in this updated version of the release.

Specifically, eagle-eyed players have spotted several “downgrades” to the pink-haired promo character Nicole Demara, whose chest physics have been toned down a touch. Similarly, she’s no longer animated quite as provocatively as she was in previous versions. But she’s not the only hero to be desexualised: others have clearly had their shorts covered up, and there’s generally less skin on display than there was before.

It's not just content of a sexual nature that’s been scaled back, though: others have noticed some instances of gore being toned down. Obviously, it’s perhaps worth mentioning that HoYoverse is a Chinese developer, a country with pretty stringent censorship rules. While Zenless Zone Zero does have a higher age rating than the likes of Genshin Impact, it’ll still want the title to launch domestically.

Perhaps the real issue here is that fans have seen the original character designs, and so can observe how they’ve been adjusted. Obviously this isn’t a big deal in the grand scheme of things, but we’d always err towards preserving the original creative vision where possible – even if these adjustments don’t seem quite as dramatic as some would lead you to believe.