This author spotted Motesolo: No Girlfriend Since Birth while exploring Tokyo Game Show earlier in the year, but we didn’t expect the Korean FMV title to release overseas. However, that’s exactly what’s happening, with developer Indicava Entertainment announcing the hopeless romantic release for a 30th November global launch on PS5.

This is obviously inspired by Korean dramas, except through the power of interactivity, you have the unique opportunity to influence the outcome. “Kimo Kang, a man who knows how to relax with a caramel macchiato, has one fatal flaw. In all his thirty years, he’s never once been in a relationship, making him a Motesolo,” the press release reads.

It continues: “Once more, he takes an ambitious step into the love market, but for some reason, things refuse to go smoothly. Will Kimo be able to steal his date’s heart and make this blind date a successful one?” Obviously, it’s your decisions that will determine that, with the blurb noting the “simplest of choices can lead to unexpected outcomes”.

To be fair, it looks like there’s more to the game than just simply picking dialogue options: you’ll be able to browse through your wallet, and even check out all of the apps on your in-game phone. And there’ll be bonus footage in this console release, too, like bloopers and behind-the-scenes footage. A comprehensive package, then – and one for fans of Korean dramas and cringey FMV games alike.