You Can Get 6 Months of Apple Music for Free with Your PS5 1
Image: Push Square

A new offer has just emerged for PS5 users that'll be music to the ears of, well, people who enjoy music. You can now grab half a year of Apple Music via your current-gen console, and it's totally free.

Apple's subscription service grants access to millions of songs for a monthly fee, and with this offer through PS5, you can sample it for up to six months without having to pay. The way it works is pretty simple — just download the Apple Music app to your PS5 and fire it up. Next, click Start Listening, and on the next screen you'll see the offer. You must sign in with your Apple ID and link it with your PSN account (if it isn't already), after which you'll be able to claim your six months.

Just be aware that, while you get six months' access for free, you're technically starting a subscription to Apple Music; after the free period, you'll automatically be charged unless you cancel out. Obviously that's how Apple's hoping to keep you hooked, but it's easy enough to stop the sub if you don't want it.

Anyway, six months of access to a huge library of music isn't half bad, is it? Will you be taking advantage of this offer? Let us know in the comments section below.