Most of us will happily use the default DualSense controller to play our PS5 games. However, there's been a market for more premium input options for a long time, and Sony itself finally tapped into it with the DualSense Edge — a more customisable (and more expensive) version of its classic pad.

On the other hand, Nacon has been in the business of making good quality peripherals for years, and its latest effort, the Revolution 5 Pro, is now available. With a slightly different design, asymmetric thumb sticks, and similarly customisable, it's a viable alternative to the DualSense Edge — but which should you spend your money on?

In the above video, our own Aaron Bayne aims to answer that question. Comparing the two controllers, from their aesthetics through to how to choose button profiles, the video should help you decide which of these pricey pads is for you. Both of them will set you back at least £200, so it's not exactly a small decision.

Do you own the DualSense Edge, the Nacon Revolution 5 Pro, or maybe both? Which would you recommend, and why? Discuss in the comments section below.