Unlock Free Disney Dreamlight Valley Content on PS5, PS4 As the Release's Future Is Revealed 1
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Disney Dreamlight Valley is quietly one of the more successful live service games on PS5 and PS4 right now, and the release’s first anniversary livestream has revealed a lot to look forward to – even if some fans continue to be miffed by the release’s business model. For those out of the loop, developer Gameloft had previously announced the title would go free-to-play following its Early Access period, but it’s instead opted to maintain its premium pricing.

Of course, that’s despite the title having a pretty pricey content model, which includes paid cosmetic unlocks as part of the Star Path and an in-game currency known as Moonstones. While it’s possible to accumulate small denominations of said virtual money through mere gameplay, it does require daily engagement, which is obviously the model most free-to-play mobile games engage with.

Unlock Free Disney Dreamlight Valley Content on PS5, PS4 As the Release's Future Is Revealed 3
Image: Push Square

On the plus side, you can redeem a couple of free items as part of the game’s anniversary livestream using the codes embedded below. All you need to do is boot the game and enter the following redemption codes on the Help section of the Settings menu:


So, what’s on the way, then? Well, as part of the massive 5th December update, you can expect Nightmare Before Christmas protagonist Jack Skellington to join your Valley, alongside a new winter-themed Star Path featuring arctic outfits inspired by various Disney princesses. Perhaps the main addition, however, is an oft-requested one in ValleyVerse – an online multiplayer mode which will allow you to visit your friends’ villages, trade items, and shop at their Scrooge McDuck stores. That should help with the local economy, eh?

Moving forward into 2024, the game will add a new world inspired by Monsters Inc, with Mike and Sulley becoming new permanent residents to the Valley. And later in the year, Tiana from The Princess and the Frog will arrive.

Unlock Free Disney Dreamlight Valley Content on PS5, PS4 As the Release's Future Is Revealed 2
Image: Push Square

Perhaps the biggest thing, though, is the addition of an entire, optional $29.99 expansion pack named A Rift in Time, which will be divided into three chapters. This will effectively add an entire new island to the game: Eternity Isle. Due out on 5th December, alongside the anniversary update for the core game, you’ll meet three new characters, including EVE, Rapunzel, and Gaston. You’ll be able to invite all three characters back to your main village, but the new area will feature a bunch of fresh quests involving Aladdin villain Jafar, and a new tool which will let you extract objects from portals. The add-on will also incorporate new ingredients, recipes, and items which you can build to automate various in-game tasks, as well as a brand new board game-inspired minigame.

The expansion will come with 5,000 Moonstones, and these usually cost about $19.99 on their own, so there’s inherent value here. We’re not sure how we feel about the addition of an entirely new island, though – surely that will break the cohesiveness of the Valley players have already been building! Either way, this is the direction Gameloft has decided to go in, and even if there are still concerns about the cost of it all, it’s fair to say there’s a lot of new content on the way.

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