Under Night In-Birth 2 Open Beta

The open beta for Under Night In-Birth 2 [Sys:Celes] (yes, we do have to check that name every single time we type it out) is now live on PS5 and PS4. It runs from today (the 16th or 17th depending on your timezone) until the 19th / 20th November — and even if you aren't keen on playing against other people online, the beta might still be worth a shot. That's because it also features local versus and versus CPU modes.

The 2D fighter has real potential, given that previous Under Night In-Birth games are already great fun. This sequel is set to release along with a million other games in early 2024, but the beta could convince you to check it out. It drops on the 25th January, just a day before fellow fighting game Tekken 8 and Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth. Good luck!

Will you be playing the beta? Get around to choosing a main in the comments section below.