Tribes 3: Rivals is a revival of the classic multiplayer first-person shooter series synonymous with blinding speed and majestic movement. We got a full seven minutes of gameplay by way of introduction, courtesy of IGN, which moves at such a stellar pace it makes the Doom Slayer seem a plodding space marine in comparison.

The 5v5 team-based shooter features jetpacks, which players use to ski around the environment and engage in high-octane aerial combat. Combat classes are weight-based, and there will be a variety of game modes, with more to come in accordance with player feedback.

Rivals will be released first on PC but has been promised for PlayStation, and the base edition will retail for $19.95 or about £16. Premium cosmetic items will be offered, but developer Prophecy Games says weapons do not need to be unlocked, and all non-cosmetic items are easily accessible to players.

What do you think of Tribes 3: Rivals? A nostalgic style of shooter or a sure-fire bout of motion sickness? Launch yourself at high speed into the comments section below.