The Finals PS5 PlayStation

The Finals just wrapped up an Open Beta testing session, drawing in in a massive crowd of players over the last week, with over 7.5 million getting in on the darkly comedic action across all platforms. Despite that, the session will not be extended, developer Embark Studios has confirmed, and players must be patient, as there is no release date in sight.

The numbers were announced on Twitter, and already, many are missing the manic chaos of the game show-themed shooter. Formed of ex-Battlefield devs, Embark Studios uses this experience to great use, resulting in the absurd destructibility of environments in The Finals, which sets it apart from competitors like Apex Legends.

Embark courted controversy recently when it was revealed that much of the dialogue and combat barks in The Finals were AI-generated, which the studio said "gets us far enough in terms of quality". Did you take the time to check out The Finals? What did you think? Did the voicework stand out in any way, or was its AI origin mostly unremarkable? Embrace the inevitable in the comments section below.

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