Street Fighter 6, perhaps more than other entry in the franchise’s history, has really embraced how effortlessly cool the series can be. There was pent-up excitement for the title’s next batch of costumes, then – and here’s the full set, in all their glory. A lengthy trailer gives us a detailed look at Marissa’s wedding dress, Juri’s onesie, and Cammy’s red robe. We don’t love every design, but there’s no doubt there are some awesome options available here.

We’ve included all of the concept art below, simply because it’s brilliant to browse through – but you can also find detailed notes and inspirations on the game’s official website:

The outfits will be available for all launch characters from 1st December. New costumes for DLC characters Rashid and AKI will follow in 2024, alongside the release of Akuma. Will you be picking up any of these threads? Dress up in the comments section below.

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