Steve Fox is back in Tekken 8, complete with his trademark boxing style and Union Jack-based wardrobe. The British fighter's full gameplay trailer is packed with nasty punches and devastating pressure; he still looks like fantastic fun to play as.

However, in case you don't know, there's been some controversy surrounding poor old Steve since his Tekken 8 design was revealed a few months back. A particular clip in a previous trailer showed the boxer's redesigned face in an... unflattering light. In short, he looked a bit chubby — and fans were quick to take the p*ss, considering his previously chiselled jawline.

Anyway, his face is being scrutinised once again in this fresh trailer, and we must admit, some of the angles do make him look strange. It's not quite a Ken in Street Fighter 5 situation, but we can understand where people are coming from.

A quick example, for the sake of conversation:

Tekken 8 Steve Fox Face

Are you a Steven Fox main? Will you be brawling with the veteran boxer in Tekken 8? Don't stare in the comments section below.