Star Ocean The Second Story R Sales Japan
Image: Push Square

Recently released remake Star Ocean The Second Story R is enjoying a decent physical debut in Japan, the latest Famitsu sales charts reveal. It's not remotely surprising, but the classic RPG revival sold best on Nintendo Switch, followed by PS5 and then PS4. In total, the title moved just over 50,000 copies — which obviously isn't amazing, but it's a solid start for today's Japanese retail market. You would assume most of the game's sales will be digital.

As per usual, the rest of the Japanese charts aren't really relevant to us PlayStation fans, thanks to Nintendo's retail dominance. It's at least worth noting that Marvel's Spider-Man 2 is still in the top 10, we suppose. It's sold a solid 96,000 physical copies so far.

Anyway, we reckon Star Ocean The Second Story R deserves all the success it can get. In our humble opinion, it's a fantastic remake of an often overlooked RPG.

Are you playing through Star Ocean The Second Story R? Are you happy to see it doing reasonably well for itself? Await further data from Square Enix in the comments section below.

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