PlayStation Portal

The PlayStation Portal is Sony's popular new handheld remote-play machine, which is currently dividing enthusiast opinion. Apparently, the device was never designed as a profit-making product. Instead, the firm says, the goal of the brave little device is to increase PS5 engagement.

Speaking to Japanese outlet AV Watch (thanks PlayStation LifeStyle), senior vice president of platform experience Hideaki Nishino commented on the Portal's use case and what the company hopes to achieve with the product: "Rather than profitability, we want to increase the amount of time we can play with PS5. If you can play anywhere, I think some people will definitely spend more time playing games.”

We were pretty enamoured with the PS Portal, and you can see why in our in-depth hardware review.

How do you feel about the PlayStation Portal? Are you in the market for one? Do you believe the line that the device was never meant to turn a profit? Let us know in the comments section below.

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