Silent Hill: Ascension

Silent Hill: Ascension developer Genvid Entertainment has publicly claimed its interactive TV series spin on the survival franchise hasn't been written using AI. Suggestions it has were doing the rounds on Twitter after viewers shared bizarre conversations and interactions between characters that made little to no sense.

In response, CEO Jacob Navok said the following: "Every word in Ascension was written by real people, many of whom have long-running careers in writing including Telltale titles, Pixar titles, GoW Ragnarok, Resident Evil Village and more." He then says all of the 100,000 words that make up Silent Hill: Ascension are from a "talented team", not "LLMs or AI".

A follow-up tweet explains how Genvid Entertainment had actually been experimenting with AI "several years" ago to see how it could improve animation and cinematic production pipelines, but "none of that work ended up being used on this [Silent Hill: Ascension] or other projects". However, it has been noticed that Navok discussed the use of AI characters in upcoming projects a few months before Silent Hill: Ascension debuted.

The accusations spiral from a series of tweets from Twitter user @Voidburger (formally of Giant Bomb) who "cannot be convinced otherwise" the series is written using AI. The Twitter thread below is worth scrolling through as it neatly summarises some of the strange interactions within Silent Hill: Ascension that have triggered some viewers to believe AI is involved.

According to Jacob Navok, CEO at Genvid Entertainment, though, this isn't the case at all. What's your take on the accusations and can you make sense of the weird and bizarre interactions from the Twitter thread above? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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