Now look, we know that asking people to play through seven Yakuza / Like a Dragon games just to get the full story is taking the p*ss, but there is something quite funny about SEGA trying to summarise the incredibly colourful life of longtime protagonist Kazuma Kiryu in a trailer that lasts 1 minute and 35 seconds.

We can see where the publisher's coming from, at least. It's fair to assume that 2020's Yakuza: Like a Dragon introduced a lot of new players to the storied series, and so they might not be at all familiar with Kiryu ahead of Like a Dragon Gaiden's release. Still, if you've spent the last god-knows how many years punching your way through Yakuza 0 all the way to Yakuza 6, then this trailer will probably prompt a knowing smirk.

Dare we ask if you're familiar with uncle Kaz? Grow a spine and play through every Yakuza / Like a Dragon game, back to back, in the comments section below.