Rumour: Marvel's Wolverine PS5 Release Date Reportedly 2025, Not Next Year 1
Image: Push Square

Now Marvel's Spider-Man 2 is out and old news, fans are turning their attention to Marvel's Wolverine, the next title from the industrious Insomniac Games. Announced back in 2021 with no release date of any kind, a few observant people recently found potential evidence of a 2024 launch for the PS5 exclusive. Now, new scuttlebutt suggests it's actually aiming to arrive in 2025.

This comes from "known leaker" Daniel Richtman, who has written about the game on his Patreon (paywalled). He says the game will release in 2025, and adopts a "darker" and "more violent" tone than the studio's usual works. Additionally, he says it'll be set in Madripoor, a fictional island in Southeast Asia known as a "haven for pirates".

Insomniac Games is a two-game studio, and will be well underway with development of Wolverine, so a 2024 release doesn't seem out of the question. However, we could easily see it targeting 2025, given how little we've seen. We're more inclined to believe Richtman here, but really, you shouldn't put too much weight into either argument. Still, it's fun to discuss, isn't it?

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