Dragon Age Dreadwolf Release Date

We're yet to actually see the game in action — if you can believe it — but it's widely believed that Dragon Age: Dreadwolf is targeting a 2024 release date (barring any big delays). And now, that theory's being backed up by a recent discovery on a BioWare dev's LinkedIn profile.

Said profile specifically states that Dreadwolf is a "2024 release", adding weight to the speculation that's been going on for months now. Reports back in August had the RPG pegged for summer of next year at the earliest, so there's now hope that the project's on track.

Of course, you can't take one mention of a release window on an employee profile as concrete confirmation, but details like this often add up to some kind of truth. It's even possible that Dreadwolf will finally reveal itself at The Game Awards next month — although we wouldn't want to get anyone's hopes up.

When do you think Dragon Age: Dreadwolf will launch? Is next year looking like a lock, or are you still sceptical? Make a prediction in the comments section below.

[source gamesradar.com]