Random: Yorkshire Tea Is Brewing Up a Custom PS5 Controller for Some Reason 1pi
Image: Push Square

Yorkshire Tea: a staple of the British diet – and now also the design of a custom PS5 controller, for some reason. England’s finest sippable export has been transformed into a DualSense you can actually buy, and it’s sure to offer some reassurance as you butt your head against PlayStation’s most difficult titles, like Elden Ring and Returnal.

“How’d this happen, eh?” the product blurb ponders. “This all came about because POPeART (controller designer extraordinaire) tweeted us to show a design he'd come up with. We really liked it, his followers really liked it, and quite a lot of ours did, too, so we had a bunch of Zoom meetings and turned it from a pipe dream into an actual thing you can hold in your real, human hands.”

The catch is that this cup of “proper” in controller form will cost you £150, which is more than triple the price of a traditional DualSense pad without the Yorkshire Tea logos. We suppose wearing your allegiance to such an iconic British brand comes at a cost, and to be honest, this is a better looking peripheral than the majority of Sony’s official limited edition options.

[source littleshopofproper.com]