Buy PS5 Slim

As of today, Sony has started rolling out the new PS5 model in the US. The 'Slim' system is available to purchase from all of the usual retailers, and it's up for grabs on the official PlayStation Direct online store. There are also Marvel's Spider-Man 2 and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 bundles available.

As for other regions, it'll be a case of waiting for stock to be updated. This redesigned PS5 was never given a hard release date; Sony's opted to bleed it into existing channels, where it's now being officially acknowledged. If, for whatever reason, you still want to buy an original PS5, you'll need to act quickly before it's completely replaced by the fresh model.

And just to be crystal clear, it's worth reiterating that the new PS5 is not an upgrade in terms of technical specifications. It's the same system, just slightly smaller in terms of overall volume, sporting a slimmer design.

Will you be picking up a PS5 'Slim'? Redesign yourself in the comments section below.

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