PS5, PS4's Monthly Active Users Is Increasing 1

There were more people playing PS5 and PS4 in the quarter ending 30th September than a year ago. Sony’s latest earnings report reveals that 108 million users connected to the PlayStation Network during the three-month period, compared to the 102 million users in 2022. That’s actually a significant increase, even if it is down on the 108 million users who logged in during the previous quarter.

Obviously, the time of year makes a big difference to the number of players, and Q2 is generally a weaker point for the industry due to the reduced number of major releases and summer weather. Sony will be hoping its aggressive PS5 promotion drives it to even higher engagement this holiday, however, with a whopping 112 million PlayStation players logged last fall.

While corporations are unsurprisingly obsessed with numbers going up, there is probably a ceiling to what PlayStation can feasibly achieve here. The manufacturer will unsurprisingly be hoping to attract lots of new PS5 players this holiday, but it’s likely that it’ll also start shedding PS4 owners as the console ages. Sony will be eager to convert those leaving last-gen users to its new platform.