PS Plus Sale Black Friday 2023

Along with the big PS Store Black Friday sale, Sony is offering up to 30 per cent off the price of 12-month memberships to its three PS Plus tiers. This rare offer is available until 27th November 2023, and covers new subscriptions as well as those looking to extend their current one. The huge catch, though, is that it only seems to apply to users looking to sign up for a brand-new membership or upgrade to a higher tier.

Since the deal went live nine hours ago, the vast majority of PS5, PS4 users have reported they haven't been offered a discount if they wish to extend their current subscription at the same tier. However, there is a small minority claiming they have been able to.

Looking back on Sony's wording in the PlayStation Blog, it's stated that "players who join PlayStation Plus can save up to 30% on 12-month membership plans. Current PlayStation Plus members can save 25% when upgrading a current plan to PlayStation Plus Extra, or save 30% when upgrading to PlayStation Plus Premium/Deluxe." There's actually no mention at all of extending a membership at the same tier, though it appears that was assumed by the community.

One user on Reddit reports they were able to obtain a PS Plus Extra discount whilst still subscribed to it via the PS App, but we've been unable to replicate the offer ourselves. Therefore, we have to go with Sony's official wording for now: Black Friday discounts apply to new PS Plus members and those wanting to upgrade to a higher tier. If you fall into either category, you should see the following prices on the PS Store:

Original Price Sale Price Subscription Type
PS Plus Essential £59.99 / $79.99 £41.99 / $55.99 New membership
PS Plus Extra £99.99 / $134.99 £74.99 / $101.24 Upgrade
PS Plus Premium £119.99 / $159.99 £83.99 / $111.99 Upgrade

We'll be sure to update this article if subscription extensions at the same PS Plus tier become more widespread during the Black Friday promotion, but for now, it seems very hit or miss whether you'll be lucky and get the chance to lengthen your membership. How do you feel about this? Share your thoughts in the comments below.