You may recall, as part of Horizon Forbidden West’s promotional campaign last year, Sony announced plans to plant trees in return for fans unlocking a fairly straightforward Trophy in the open world game. This, part of a partnership with a variety of different charities, aimed to restore and preserve the environment and biodiversity around the world.

Over a year later, it’s shared a trailer detailing its progress so far. Among the headline statistics, the firm has planted approximately 600,000 trees around the world, which has helped restore a whopping 1,800 acres of land. More importantly, alongside the rest of the gaming industry, a whopping 2.5 million trees have been planted across the globe.

Obviously, gaming is all good fun, but it’s important to remember the world we live in must be preserved as best as possible. Sony, to its credit, has made a number of adjustments to its business to make it as environmentally friendly as possible; for example, the PS5 now boasts a number of energy saving features, while all of its products ship in fully recyclable packaging these days.