Update: Well, we'll be honest, we weren't expecting to get a new teaser for the next Mass Effect game today, but here we are.

The new trailer is just 35 seconds long, but it shows a masked figure sporting a stylish N7 outfit. Naturally, fans are already suggesting that this suggests the return of Commander Shepard. Or at least, that's what BioWare clearly wants you to think.

As written in the original article below, the next Mass Effect is believed to be in pre-production right now, so it could be a long while until we learn anything more.

Original Story: BioWare's busy wheeling out some very cheeky teases for its next Mass Effect game, which is believed to be in pre-production (read: we won't be seeing it for years yet). The developer kicked N7 Day celebrations off with a lengthy blog post, detailing fresh merchandise and community-led bits and pieces.

However, if you actually stop to read the post, you'll quickly realise that it's full of 1s and 0s — a binary code that spells out 'Epsilon'.

And then what do you know, BioWare publishes a tiny teaser on YouTube, also called Epsilon. The five second clip features some legs. Walking. And that's pretty much it.

The video's description reads: "Transmission incoming", so it's assumed there's more to this. We'll keep you posted.

How do you feel about teasers like this? What do you think BioWare actually has in store? Raise an eyebrow in the comments section below.

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