PS5 horror game Alone in the Dark is now much better positioned in the release calendar following its delay to January 2024, so studio Pieces Interactive is sharing why it should be your first purchase next year with some new gameplay. All seemingly captured from a PS5 build, the fresh look reveals how certain scenes can play out differently depending on whether you're playing as Emily (Jodie Comer) or Edward (David Harbour). Take a look above.

A press release explains: "The scenes will vary depending on whether you're playing as Emily or Edward, making it worth experiencing both perspectives with two playthroughs." It's unclear whether you can end up at entirely different endings based on who you play as, but the scenes featured in the trailer hint at how characters may treat you differently.

Footage also depicts puzzle-solving, platforming, and some combat scenarios. Alone in the Dark launches for PS5 on 16th January 2024, and a prologue demo is still available now on the PS Store. Will you start next year off with a chill? Let us know in the comments below.