Lords of the Fallen PS5 PlayStation

Lords of the Fallen update v1.1.326 is now live on PS5, bringing the expected suite of optimisations and improvements, including an ambitious overhaul of the game's boss encounters. Developer Hexworks posted the complete list of patch notes to Reddit for those interested, and we'll go through the PS5-specific highlights below.

A custom engine improvement means players should detect a noticeable performance boost in Umbral and general optimisation to several other areas of the game struggling in that department. A new lock-on system has been implemented, but players can revert to the previous default option if they prefer it, which is now known as the "Legacy" setting.

A sweeping PVP/PVE balancing pass has been implemented, focusing on the most overpowered spells and abilities, as determined by player feedback and internal telemetry. Finally, a complete overhaul of the game's many boss encounters, again in line with community feedback, means players should face more of a challenge, with behaviours, hit points, and damage output adjusted accordingly.

How's your Lords of the Fallen experience been like so far? Are you excited about the implemented changes and eager to jump back in? Let us know in the comments section below.

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