Like a Dragon Infinite Wealth Combat Changes

We think Yakuza: Like a Dragon is great, but in a lot of ways, it really did feel like RGG Studio's first attempt at turn-based combat. The system was fun, but it had some obvious flaws, like dodgy character movement, abusable attacks that made others completely redundant, and enemy types that were far too tanky for their own good.

Fortunately, the developer's making some clear improvements in Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth. A load of new information on the upgraded combat has been released, and honestly, it all sounds fantastic. If you've given the Infinite Wealth demo a try — which comes with Like a Dragon Gaiden — you'll have already noticed a lot of these improvements, but for everyone else, we're going to list them off.

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For starters, you can actually move your characters during battle. This should immediately eliminate those awkward traversal problems that plagued the previous game. It also means that you'll be able to strategically position Ichiban and his allies, which is a huge deal when Infinite Wealth promises more interactive arenas. For example, you can now run over to the side of an opponent and smash them into a nearby environmental hazard for huge damage.

Next up, team attacks can be used to devastating effect if party members share a bond with one another, and 'perfect attacks' — where you hit additional buttons at the right time — have been buffed to deal more damage and provide extra effects. This should make battles feel more engaging across the board.

On the topic of attacks, there are now proper area-of-effect techniques that actually show you the range of your chosen ability. What a difference floor markings can make!

And last but not least, 'Smackdown' is a new option that lets you annihilate much weaker foes as soon as the battle starts. A necessity when you're in a hurry.

Does all of this sound good to you? Are you looking forward to Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth? Bring out your best baseball bat in the comments section below.