In a crossover that's seemingly come out of nowhere, the one and only Lightning McQueen from the Disney and Pixar movie Cars is coming to Rocket League. Yes, you'll soon be able to play as the plucky race car while enjoying some vehicular football action.

Launching today, 7th November 2023, the Lightning McQueen model in the game will be the first to feature dynamic expressions, meaning his face will change during the course of a match. Included in a bundle alongside the car itself will be a player banner, three decals straight from the films, three sets of wheels, a goal explosion sending out his "Ka-chow!" catchphrase, and the "Life Is a Highway" player anthem. The whole bundle will cost 2,500 Credits.

As with some other licensed guest cars, customisation on Lightning McQueen is limited. You'll be able to deck him out with some boosts, trails, toppers, and goal explosions, but antennas are off the table. You also can't use any other decals except the ones supplied in the bundle.

Still, it's a neat crossover that makes perfect sense for Rocket League. Will you embody speed with Lightning McQueen? Turn right to go left in the comments section below.