Silent Hill 2 PS5 Remake

Konami appears to be laying the foundations for a successor to its former internal studio Team Silent, which developed the first four Silent Hill games. A recruitment page is advertising roles for a newly formed Silent Production Team, and is giving those picked the "chance to be involved in game production in a cutting-edge development environment". The page then goes on to call it the Silent Hill Production Team, confirming ties to the survival horror franchise.

In a Q&A section, Konami states it's looking for hires who "like action games and horror games, as well as people who like foreign dramas and movies that deal with serious themes". They will also like "works with a heavy atmosphere and heavy themes". The publisher is currently looking for artists, planners, engineers, and project managers.

More than a year ago now, Konami announced its plans to resurrect the Silent Hill series with a remake of Silent Hill 2 from Bloober Team, a more indie-focused spin-off in Silent Hill: Townfall out of No Code, and what appears to be the next mainline entry: Silent Hill F. Very little has been shared of the three titles since their reveals in 2022, though some recent retailer listings have given some fans hope news concerning James Sunderland and his wife may not be too far away.

Konami has been hard at work also bringing back its Metal Gear Solid series, with the recent Master Collection resurrecting the first three mainline titles. A second volume is rumoured, but no new instalments in the stealth franchise have been announced yet besides a remake of Snake Eater. Are you happy to see Konami is investing in a new internal team for all things Silent Hill? Post your thoughts in the comments below.

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