GTA 6 Will Not Be Delayed if Voice Actors Eventually Strike 1

With much of Hollywood out of action and SAG-AFTRA video game actors negotiating with publishers over a new union contract, the legitimate possibility of a voice actor strike continues to loom. But it’s not something that’s keeping Take-Two CEO Strauss Zelnick awake at night, as he confirmed during an earnings call that the upcoming GTA 6 is “completely protected” from any potential issues.

Asked during an earnings call whether the open world sequel, which is scheduled to be officially revealed in December, could be delayed due to a strike, the executive first suggested that he believes a resolution will be found. “Negotiations are expected to resume next week,” he said. “We're optimistic. We value excellent labour relations, and we're looking forward to reaching an agreement that serves everyone well.”

In the worst-case scenario, though, Zelnick insisted that the new Grand Theft Auto game will not be affected. This could potentially be because all of the hotly anticipated sequel’s voice lines have already been recorded, although GTA Online has continuously added new content with cutscenes, so we’d expect the same live service aspects to apply to the new game as well.

While video game actors are not currently striking, they’ve yet to reach an agreement with game companies, as they seek protections against being replaced by AI and mandatory breaks. Negotiations have been on hold for several weeks, but judging by Zelnick’s comments, a resolution could be found as early as next week – otherwise this story could rumble on for a little while longer yet.