Final Fantasy 7 Remake Dynamic Difficulty Setting

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth will ship with three difficulty options when it launches next year, on the 29th February. The first two, easy and normal, are exactly what you'd expect — but an all-new third setting, named 'Dynamic', sounds especially interesting. When selected, enemies will actually scale to your level.

The official press release reads: "In the newly added “Dynamic” difficulty, enemies grow stronger as your characters do — perfect for players who crave constant challenge."

We would assume this option has been incorporated due to Rebirth's fairly open structure. You'll be able to travel back and forth between large areas, whether it's to complete side quests or simply explore. This Dynamic setting makes it so you won't just be obliterating lower level foes on your way through old areas. With that in mind, it might be a cool option for players who want to push the combat system at all times.

What difficulty setting will you choose in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth? Does Dynamic sound good, or is bullying low level opponents part of the fun? Check your equipment in the comments section below.