Far Cry 6's PS5, PS4 Post-Release Support Is Now Finished 1

Ubisoft is notorious for its impressive post-release support, even when it comes to single player games like Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. And to be fair, Far Cry 6’s lifespan has been quite long, with the title originally launching in 2021 and getting multiple updates and expansions thereafter. But in a message on the franchise’s official social media page, the firm has confirmed that it’s moving on from Yara.

“Thanks to the millions of players who joined the fight,” a representative wrote. “Your adventures can continue in Yara without interruption of online services. However, the dev team will no longer be making updates to Far Cry 6. We appreciate your passion, creativity, and love of Chorizo – even Anton is proud!”

Presumably the team will now turn its attention to Far Cry 7, which is likely already deep in development. Ubisoft has said that it’ll prioritise the more lucrative Assassin’s Creed franchise moving forwards, but Far Cry is still popular, and as we pointed out in our 7/10 review, Far Cry 6 is arguably the best realisation of the publisher’s tried and trusted open world formula to date.

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