Baldur's Gate 3 Next Game

At this point it goes without saying that Baldur's Gate 3 has been a colossal success. The RPG is one of the highest rated games of our time, it's just dominated the Golden Joystick Awards, and it's been nominated for yet more trophies at the The Game Awards 2023 — including the all-encompassing Game of the Year gong. Indeed, in a year that's been absolutely mental for top quality titles, Baldur's Gate 3 still manages to stand out.

But a studio can rarely rest on its laurels, and so it's no real surprise to see Larian CEO Swen Vincke already teasing the developer's next project. "I wish I could tell you about our next big game," Vincke writes on Twitter. In response to Baldur's Gate 3's aforementioned nominations, he continues: "This is really encouraging us to ensure [the next game] pushes many boundaries. I’m very excited about it."

Right here and now, it's admittedly difficult to imagine a game that goes above and beyond Baldur's Gate 3 in terms of pushing boundaries, as Vincke puts it. The title really is a role-playing marvel when it comes to player interactivity, and so it'll be incredibly interesting to see what this next project is all about. Although to be clear, it'll probably be quite some time until we hear more.

Will you be rooting for Baldur's Gate 3 at The Game Awards? What would you actually want from Larian's next game? Feel free to ponder in the comments section below.